Extensive Home Remodel, Full Kitchen Two bathrooms, Woodworking, Tile, Electrical, Plumbing

"I've known Steve for years before I hired him to work on my home. The work Steve has performed has drawn many compliments from my friends and family who have visited and after all the work was completed, yes, we are still friends"

J.C., Denver, Colorado

Various Wood Working Projects, New Bathroom

"I have a unique home with many unusual woodworking details and Steve has been able to perform the woodworking repairs needed and keep with the original architectural details. Also, completely remodeling my master bathroom with beautifully designed and intricate tile work"

Marshall Q., Colorado Supreme Court Justice, Retired

Complete Home Interior Renovation

"Steve came to work in my home in the fall of 2000 and finished our project in the spring of 2001. Yes, 8 months of construction, but the main reason this took so long is that I can be a bit hard to get along with and I didn't want a bunch of people banging around in my house driving me crazy. Since Steve has the ability to perform all of the remodeling tasks I needed and kept things clean and relatively quiet, he was my perfect choice. So after a complete kitchen remodel, two bathrooms, wine cellar and various woodworking and painting I couldn't be happier. And by the way, it was me who introduced him to the love of classical music."

Harry L., Denver University, Law Professor, Colorado State Court Administrator, Retired

Alice O., Denver

Custom wood working and tile installationNeil C. , Evergreen

Joe D. , Bear Valley

Maddie H., Bear creek

Don S., Littleton

Christina H., Arvada

Peggy D., Denver

Susan S., Denver

Marguerite M., Denver

John E., Denver

Thordis S., Denver

Lemont G., Westminster

Randy & Lisa L., Lakewood

Judy O., Lakewood

Margaret F., Lakewood

Connie B., Denver

Nate B., Denver

Kimberly D., Edgewater.

I have more reference details on file for your review if requested. Also, I have more photos including before and after shots.


Thank you,

Steven M. Rossi